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This year, Art Vinyl has selected a shortlist of 50 sleeve designs for the award, which will be celebrated in exhibitions across the UK and Europe from November 2011 to February 2012. Last year’s award attracted coverage across the media, reaching an international audience with more than 4,000 voters taking part in an award which celebrates the best art and music of the year.


For Best Art Vinyl 2010, it was the Klaxons album ‘Surfing the Void’ with its striking image of a cat in a spacesuit which topped the list of the years favourite sleeve designs. Caribou’s ‘Swim’ came close behind in second place and the Swiss dance label Cadenza completed the Top 3 with its four-track EP of dance tunes. Each of these bands have joined the ranks of previous winners such as Thom Yorke, The Cribs and Fleet Foxes. And, with sales of vinyl records up by more than 50% this year, you can guarantee there’ll be plenty of fantastic new designs to choose from in 2011.


The Best Art Vinyl 2011 shortlist will be featured in exhibitions across the UK and Europe including London, Folkestone, Northampton, Brussels, Paris and Gothenburg. All of the designs will be displayed in the unique Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frame. The winning designs will be displayed from January 2012.


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