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In the mid 90s Little Dragon members Yukimi, Fredrick and Erik met at high school in Gothenburg, Sweden. After hanging out and performing together for several years they were joined by keyboardist Håkan Wirenstrand. The band then decided to move in together to a space near Gothenburg Central Station known only as the The Seal Colonie (due to the legend that anyone who lived there would eventually turn into seals) and the foundations of Little Dragon were created. Fusing electronic sounds with their love of r&b, Little Dragon released their genre-hopping first album via Peacefrog Recordings in 2007. For their second album the group decided to up the tempo, and the subsequent digital soul sounds they created became 'Machine Dreams'. With the release of this sophomore album the group caught the attention of Damon Albarn, and were asked to collaborate with Gorillaz on two tracks for their 2010 album 'Plastic Beach'. Little Dragon blend catchy melodies with their trademark electro soul style to create a sound that makes them stand out from the dreary manufactured pop of today's saturated market. If you don't believe the hype take a listen for yourself, but remember there is no smoke without fire.