'Jello' is the work of Darryl Fitton, otherwise known as the mysterious Bolaman or more widely known as 'Bola' - an artist synonymous with electronic music in every sense. Having assisted in the production and engineering of Autechre's first ground breaking album 'Incunabula', being a founder member of the ultra low key production outfit Geskom as well as being a key artist on Skam Records' multi faceted and expanding roster, it is fair to say that he has in many senses played a significant role in the development of electronic music as we know it today. Picking up where the Bola project left off, Jello takes things into entirely new territories by adopting a more diverse and alternative approach to the format of modern experimental music that is known as electronics. With the fusion of both male and female vocals, live piano, live drums and fender rhodes alongside more traditional Bola styled production techniques the project provides an insight into the varying influences and sides to the Bola sound not yet heard in any of his previous outputs.

As well as recording his Jello project for Peacefrog Records. Peacefrog Music administer all of Darryl's publishing catalogue.
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