Marc Hellnerís name may be familiar as one half of revered Chicagoan audio-visual artists Pulseprogramming, or as a touring member of Windy City regulars L'Altra. A prolific musician with a latent fondness for instruments to match the dexterous digital manipulations of his regular combo, Hellner, by his own admission, 'writes too much music for just one project'. "Marriages" - ironically given the title - is effectively Hellners debut solo longplayer; an outlet for the aforementioned compositional overload but also a thoroughly focused collection that consistently errs toward intimate beauty.

Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marc Hellner was a youthful Anglophone fan of the Smiths along with various British shoegazing types and, most tellingly with regards to "Marriages", art bands such as Talk Talk and Blue Nile which possessed that rare alchemical knack of matching the sonically esoteric with the emotionally direct.

A move to rainy Portland, Oregon in the 1990s coincided with the discovery of classical minimalism and works by the likes of, Arvo Part, Steve Reich and Howard Skempton, influences that have impacted subtly but significantly on Marriages. Hellner later moved to Chicago, of course, and the rest is leftfield musical history.

Marc Hellner's debut solo long-player "Marriages" was preceded by the ep "Asleep on the Wing", both released in summer 2005.

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