This tale begins in Philadelphia back in November 1999 when Peggy Honeywell picked up a guitar for the very first time. Four months later her roommate Dew left for vacation and Peggy used the time, as well as his guitar and four track to record her first album, "Walk Like A Man" (unreleased tape).

With more original songs written, and Dew back at home, the two recorded a second album, "Peggy Honeywell and Dew Loves You Too" at Philly's Space 1026 (an art's gallery) in August 2000. This home-made demo tape, with hand silk screened covers by Peggy herself, began circulating among friends all over the States and eventually fell into the hands of Thomas Campbell, co founder of Santa Cruzís Galaxia Recordings. Campbell and partner Greg lamson were so instantly smitten by Peggyís sweet country vocals and innocence, that they immediately requested to release her debut on Galaxia.

Honey For Dinner is the result: a combination of songs re-recorded from her infamous demo tape and brand new ditties. Each song is a story - Peggy sings from her heart, sometimes from heartache ("Moon") but always with a heart full of love ("Puppy Love" and "Hug My Heart"). Sure, Peggy is influenced by the likes of Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, and Roy Orbison, but one listen will reveal she croons dulcet, country tones that are simply her own. Recorded in Kentucky by Paul Oldham, Honey For Dinner includes such talents as Dave Pajo, a mastering touch by Brian Deck and of course Dew.