Hailing from Chicago, Ron's music career began at the tender age of 14 when he produced the classic and timeless cut 'Altered States'. By 1987, Ron hit the professional circuit, and started to play at mobile parties and high schools in Chicago and became known for his musical taste and DJ ability. "At the time we were using a lot of music that was being created locally in Chicago and also some New York and European influences such as Capricorn and the New York City Peach Boys." Ron was also playing a lot of rare classic disco and soul 12"s and albums that made him stand out from the crowd. "We were trying to introduce classics into the house blend that was prevalent at that time," shares Ron.

Unable to find music that embraced the new trend, he started to build a name for himself as a producer creating his own original material for parties. Ron focused on instrumental music combining drum programming and keyboard to create a unique sound. "I was greatly influenced by Larry Heard, Roy Ayers and even Pat Metheny," reveals Ron, "and was able to release an EP with the Chicago based label, Warehouse Records in 1990." The release brought Ron a lot of attention resulting in a new career in record production and local hero status in the underground club scene.

In 1993, Ron established his own record label, Prescription. "We were mainly putting out our own material but producers such as Abacus, GU and others from around the world got involved," says Ron. Ron continued to produce 12" releases for four years, and then moved to New York in 1998 where he re-established his company from his new base in Brooklyn. Hooking up with Peacefrog in 1997 to record the 'In The Spirit' 12" and then his debut album 'Primitive Arts' that same year, the album featured a variety of Prescription classics along with newly recorded material and is one of the most sought after items in the Peacefrog catalogue.


Primitive Arts (Album) - 01.01.1999


PF092XX - Ltd Cream Vinyl (Limited to 300) - Price (inc p&p)

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Ron Trent Primitive Arts PF092