Robert Grillo was ten years old when he first picked up the saxophone. In junior high, he found himself playing in the school jazz band. And, then at 18, against the better judgement of his family and friends, he traded his sax in for a boom box. It became clear at a young age that Robert would follow his own calling and not what others thought was best.

After graduation, Robert spent a year in Italy, studying the Italian language by day and soaking in the music and clubs by night. He began to meet DJs and producers there, and developed an interest in ambient, house, and acid jazz. Upon his return to Chicago, he forged a collaboration with Italyís Black Zone Records, an independent record label based in Turin which produces dance and pop music. As a U.S. rep., Robert took on the role of finding manufacturing, distribution and promotion of Black Zoneís recordings. He also had his first hand in music production in Black Zoneís recording studios.

In 1999 'Primordial Passage' was released, an epic 10 track album featuring the vocal talents of Grazyna Auguscik, drawing in influences from jazz, ethnic folk, Brazilian music and of course house.